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I came here at the request of a friend, and now that I have tried LJ out for awhile I think I like it. There is more activity here than at my Yahoo 360 and yet it is more personal and friendly than at "my space". So that has brought me to the conclusion that I should share a little more about myself.

At 39 years old I have found myself learning how to be a mom. My son is 10 months old and has proven to be quite a challenge. I am sure that the challenges will only become larger as time goes on. I am currently engaged and hopefully someday will get around to actually setting a date.

I work at an oil refinery as a process operator/process controller (I boil oil). It is not exactly what I dreamed I would grow up to do, but so far I enjoy it.

At one time I was quite the party girl and loved to go "clubbing", but now I have find myself quite content to stay at home with a movie or a good book.

I love being a homeowner. Our home is a continuous "work in progress" and I love watching the transformation every new project brings.

I think of myself as a little on the shy side although some of my friends will disagree. I have met loads of people in my life so far but have very few "friends". I tend to be too trusting at times but believe there is good in everyone, and yes that philosophy has gotten me in trouble more than once.

I love animals of all sorts and would have my own zoo if I had the funds to do so. I have never felt a more unconditional love than the love of my pets (present and past). Animals truly love you for who you are. Love them and they will love you back. It doesn't matter if you gain a couple pounds and a few wrinkles as the years go by. Pets are usually forgiving and beautiful and I think humans could learn a thing or two from them.

I think that is pretty much me. I hope you enjoy your visit to my page.